Welcome to RealHorizons

Would you like to broadcast your event for the world to see?  In the past, massive amounts of equipment costing millions of dollars was required just to broadcast one show on television.  RealHorizons sets out to change using the internet.  We can come to your event, set up a limited amount of equipment, and broadcast your event LIVE in high definition quality across the world to one person or a million people.  In order to watch the broadcast, all one has to do is open the webpage with the event on an internet capable device whether it be an iPad, a full computer, or even a smartphone and watch away.  Once the webpage is accessed, video automatically starts playing of the broadcasted event.  We live in exciting times!


Our Services

Live Video Broadcasting

We can broadcast your event in high definition quality anywhere in the world using the internet.

Recording your Event

We can record your event in high quality while broadcasting the event LIVE. The event can be edited and then uploaded to a service of your choice or delivered on USB or DVD.


We can help others with a specialization in weekly church services to broadcast their message LIVE using permanently installed gear.  Included is everything from the video gear itself to network setup, computer setup, broadcasting software, CDN choice, and personnel training.


We only use professional level quality broadcasting and recording equipment.  The cameras used by RealHorizons are the same cameras used by the BBC for quality broadcast news production.


We provide URL links on social networking services for our live events that transport the user directly to the live broadcast channel.  These links can also be posted on the user's Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. accounts for their friends and family to view.


We provide a payment portal for all services on the RealHorizons website to allow for credit cards as well as other forms of payment.

Hire us for your next event

We have the equipment and expertise to broadcast your event across the world.